Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Alf Hulbækmo (NO)

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra leans into a musical adventure with organist and composer Alf Hulbækmo. Hulbækmo’s compositions are inspired by the mystical time of twilight. An intriguing instrumentation of organ, vocals, strings, wind instruments and percussions is combined with light design by Sune Schjelderup and spectacular architecture of Temppeliaukio Church.

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra is one of the most important and creative jazz ensembles in Norway. Since it was established in 2000, the orchestra has had a great number of exciting projects with Norwegian and international jazz profiles. The orchestra belongs to the Mid-Norway Centre of Jazz who initiates and organizes new projects. The musicians involved are among Norway’s most famous jazz musicians. Alf Hulbækmo is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, who belongs in the new generation of  the Norwegian jazz scene.

“…a far reaching orchestra clearly capable of handling anything and everything that’s put in front of it.”
John Kelman, All About Jazz

Alf Hulbækmo, church organ, composition
Rohey Taalah, vocals
Siri Gjære, vocals
Harald Relling Nielsen, vocals
Håkon Aase, violin
Marianne B. Lie, cello
Kalle Nyberg, woodwinds
Hildegunn Øiseth, trumpet
Hild Sofie Tafjord, horn
Ole Jørgen Melhus, trombone
Hans Hulbækmo, drums and percussion
Sune Schjelderup, light designer
David Solheim, sound designer