Mika Mylläri Quintet

Mika Mylläri Quintet was one of the most successful jazz bands in 1990s Finland. Their records Heritages (1992) and Les Ponts (1997) were internationally acclaimed, and now the trilogy is completed. The brand new album MMQ is also musically fresh, as it combines modern American jazz fusion, smoky jazz-dogma and tight groove. Mika Mylläri’s made a name for himself in the international jazz scene for already 30 years as trumpeter, but also as composer, producer and mixing engineer of a wide variety of music.

Mika Mylläri, trumpet
Aki Haarala, guitar
Lasse Piirainen, keys
Tapio Backlund, bass
Anssi Sopanen, drums

Joonatan Henriksson at 4.30pm
Mika Mylläri Quintet at 5.30pm

Free admission!


Please only attend when you are healthy! We recommend the use of face masks for everyone aged 15 or older. Please also avoid unnecessary contact to other guests and staff, and take care of good hand hygiene. The safety of the audience is also considered by careful cleaning and arranging safe distances between seats.