Kari Ikonen’s new solo piano album Impressions, Improvisations and Compositons will be released later this year. The album consists of Ikonen’s compositions and improvisations inspired by Japanese koto music and Arabic music. Ikonen uses preparations and special techinques with the piano, most notably the revolutionary Maqiano: his own new creation, a device that allows him to play the Arabic “Maqamat” scales and other micro-intervals on grand piano.

The pianist-moogist-composer Kari Ikonen is one of the most acclaimed jazz musicians in Finland. He has won several international awards for his compositions, and in Finland he’s been awarded by prestigious Jazz-Emma award and the Yrjö Award as the Finnish Jazz Musician of the Year. During his extensive career he has toured in Soviet Union, East Asia, Middle East, Australia, United States and in 30 countries around Europe.

Kari Ikonen, piano