Kari Ikonen solo feat. Mikko Hassinen

**Kari Ikonen concert on 27th November is postponed. We are currently searching for a new date and will announce it as soon as possible.**

Highly renowned Finnish pianist-moogist-composer Kari Ikonen brings out his new Kandinsky-inspired solo piano repertoire ”Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions”. His compositions and improvised passages are inspired by Japanese koto music and Arabic music, with an array of unusual preparations and special techinques. Ikonen’s own invention, the revolutionary Maqiano is a totally unique install-and-remove device that allows him to play the Maqamat (≈Arabic scales) and other micro-intervals on grand piano. For the last 20 years Ikonen has been into Arabic, Middle Eastern and Turkish music, and thanks to his invention now he’s able to extend his melodic vocabulary beyond the conventional tunings. He is accompanied by drummer and fellow Arabic music enthusiast Mikko Hassinen, who’ll be playing the Riqq and Daff drums.

Kari Ikonen, piano
Mikko Hassinen, percussions

Ebeli Show 4.30pm
Kari Ikonen solo feat. Mikko Hassinen 5.30pm

Free admission!


Please only attend when you are healthy! We recommend the use of face masks for everyone aged 15 or older. Please also avoid unnecessary contact to other guests and staff, and take care of good hand hygiene. The safety of the audience is also considered by careful cleaning and arranging safe distances between seats.