Joonas Haavisto Trio

Pianist and composer Joonas Haavisto is one of the most exciting young jazz musicians coming from the Nordic jazz scene. Strong melodies and thematic lines are Haavisto’s trademarks as a composer. His new album Offshore draws its influences from many sources, all from classical music to hip hop. Joonas Haavisto Trio has been widely acclaimed around the world for their respect, yet compelling revision of Nordic jazz tradition.

”Joonas Haavisto is one of the most talented pianists of his generation.” – Der Spiegel

Joonas Haavisto, piano
Antti Lötjönen, bass
Joonas Riippa, drums

The concert is opened by young talents, Alina Pettinen & Dunkel Brothers.

Alina Pettinen, saxophone
Eero Dunkel, guitar
Atso Dunkel, bass
Tuukka Dunkel, drums

Alina Pettinen & Dunkel Brothers at 4.30pm
Joonas Haabvisto Trio at 5.30pm

Free admission!


Please only attend when you are healthy! We recommend the use of face masks for everyone aged 15 or older. Please also avoid unnecessary contact to other guests and staff, and take care of good hand hygiene. The audience safety is considered by careful cleaning and arranging safe distances between seats.