**Elifantree concert on 4th December is postponed. We are currently searching for a new date and will announce it as soon as possible.**

Elifantree, formed in 2007, is an experimental electro-acoustic trio built on vocals, saxophone, and drums, and it expands its sound world by adding various instruments to it. Elifantree’s music has been compared to the works of Pablo Picasso, Charles Chaplin and David Lynch, to the horn of plenty, a mystic forest, and many others but above all the core is in the vision of three artists what music can be. The trademarks of the trio are elastic grooves, virtuoso improvisations, and wild stage energy.

Elifantree has actively performed around the world for over ten year and published five albums praised by critics. Their forth-coming sixth album will be released in early 2021, and it will feature eight top drummers from around the world. The first single “Finland: Black Sheep” of the forth-coming sixth album was released in spring 2020, and the second single “Sweden:Gold Dust” will be released on October 2nd.

“Elifantree! What a glorious, mad, brilliant display! If jazz went mad and invented a new kind of cake, this would be it. I smiled all the way through!” – The Sound and The Fury, UK

“With lots of attractive melody, captivating rhythm and beats and total absence of pretension Elifantree was shinging brightly.” – Henning Bolte, London Jazz Magazine

Anni Elif, voice, cello
Pauli Lyytinen, saxophone, electric wind instrument, drum machine
Olavi Louhivuori, drums

Ebeli Show 6pm
Elifantree 7pm

Free admission!


Please only attend when you are healthy! We recommend the use of face masks for everyone aged 15 or older. Please also avoid unnecessary contact to other guests and staff, and take care of good hand hygiene. The safety of the audience is also considered by careful cleaning and arranging safe distances between seats.