Our office is located in Tapiola at Ahertajantie, opposite to the WeeGee Exhibition Centre.

April Jazz
Espoo Big Band ry
Ahertajantie 6 b
02100 Espoo

tel. +358 9 455 0003
email: info(at)

Matti Lappalainen
tel. +358 50 5855 221
email matti.lappalainen(a)

Pedro Herrero
tel. +358 40 517 9399
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April Jazz Club
Jenni Köykkä
tel. +358 40 534 4483
email jenni(a)

April 22–25  2020

Although live festivals have been canceled due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s April Jazz Festival will be take place as an online event! April Jazz Subgrooves includes four concerts that will be broadcast live from G Livelab Helsinki through From Wednesday to Saturday we present two prominent Finnish jazz artists/bands per night. Enjoy the live broadcasts or buy a ticket and watch the concert recordings up to 6 days after the event!

APRIL JAZZ CLUB music in the unique museum atmosphere of WeeGee

April Jazz Club presents over twenty top-notch jazz gigs a year with opening acts by the students of the Music Institute Ebeli. The concerts are held in the unique setting of exhibition center WeeGee. In connection with the concert visit, the audience can get acquainted with the exhibition offerings of the four museums, which, like the concerts, are free on Friday evenings.


The Espoo Big Band Association was established in 1980. The association runs the Espoo Big Band (since 1980) and organizes the April Jazz Festival (since 1986) and the April Jazz Club (since 2016) and produces other concerts and educational events regularly through out the year. In 2016 the association produced 107 performances with over 20.000 participants and over 400 performers. The association’s current executive director is Matti Lappalainen.

email: info(at)
tel. +358 50 5855 221

Board members:

Markku Varhela, chairman
Valtteri Malmivirta, vice chairman
Jim Lappalainen
Eerik Siikasaari
Heikki Westerlund