Program and artists

April Jazz, the largest jazz festival in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will be arranged for the 33rd time at Tapiola and Leppävaara in Espoo and G Livelab in Helsinki.

Thu 25.4.2019

Sello Hall | 19:00
Tickets from 24€

Somi (US)

The combination of African groove and vocal jazz with a strong voice of social conscience takes this performance to the next level.

Fri 26.4.2019

Tapiola Hall | 19:00
Tickets from 34€

John Scofield Trio (US) SOLD OUT!


John Scofield, one of the most prestigious guitarists of the time, is arriving for the first time to April Jazz. His most recent albums have brought him the first tree Grammy awards.

Fri 26.4.2019

G Livelab | 19:00
Tickets from 29€


A Change of Showtime: the concert begins at 19:00

The cellist Matthias Bartolomey and the violinist and mandola player Klemens Bittmann are leading their instruments out of their deeply rooted classical tradition to new musical pathways. With the spontaneity and improvisation of Jazz, their music includes heavy groove and rock elements as well as intimate ballads and fast uptempo compositions.

Sat 27.4.2019

Café Louhi | 12:00
Tickets from 6,50 €

Ebeli in Concert

In this concert the young musicians from Ebeli, the pop and jazz department of the Espoo Music Institute, get to show their talent!

Sat 27.4.2019

Café Louhi | 19:30
Liput alk. 24€

Alexi Tuomarila Trio, Synesthetic 4 (AT)

Described by Jazz Times as “…one of the next big deals on jazz piano…”, Alexi Tuomarila Trio celebrates the release of their fourth album. The Austrian quartet Synesthetic 4 opens the evening with their debut in Finland.