VJ Sellekhanks

WeeGee from 20.00. Age limit 18 years

Tickets incl. delivery cost from €

picture: Kerttu Malinen

Sellekhanks began in 2009 as a collaboration between Tommi Lius and Tommi Mustaniemi, but has since become the solo project of Tommi Mustaniemi.

Aside from graphic- and multimedia works, Sellekhanks also produces mixes and music videos for various Finnish artists. VJ thrives with challenging projects and live performances.

Sellekhanks is known for building deep visual worlds by seamlessly combining different visual media. Highlights of VJ’s journey include the performance at Ukraine’s Wiz-Art festival, the 11-hour electrostage concert and various performances with Finnish artists (Euro Crack, Eevil Stöö, Dj Oscar).

VJ Sellekhanks visualizes at WeeGee’s Leffa goes Live! and AJazz -clubs 24.4.–26.4.

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